Settling For Pain

Ever lost faith in yourself and lost yourself love to a point that you just accept all? You accept that you just a bump in their path that they hurt and drive past. You accept that they all in your life to get what they want then ditch you like a worn out jersey. You are nothing more than a pretty face and a nice body they will fuck and disappear on.

They all come to your life promising you lillies and roses. They make you feel so fucken speci that you don’t even see when they slowly sucking your life from you. Once they done, they live you lifeless with a body you used to call your own.

You keep going back to them unknowingly because you been so hurt that you attract pain more than love. You so damahed that they see a scrap they can clean, treasure then realise they have no use of and dump it again for someone else to pick up and do the same to it.

Not all of us were born for love. Some of us live through pain, darkness and suffering. Happiness is a mystery and love is a feeling we cursed to have because once we feel it, tormentation comes into play.



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