Happen To Me

Life is one unpredictable ying-yang. One minute, you are on top of the world and every one envies you. You all happy and glowing. The world s your oyster. You living large and with a smile day in and day out. All makes sense and love is just a smooth walk in the park. You start getting used to the feeling of happiness. You do not even believe in is happening to you. It is all good and unusual. You are happy, all of a sudden. After a lifetime of sadness and pain.

Then you let loose, you open up your soul to this new feeling. You let all in and hope for the best. You in a blissful moment and cannot get enough of how you feeling. You show it to the world. It is too much for you to not share. The world must see you finally happy sand finally loved. You do that, you open your life to the public thinking all will last forever. Thinking that will be the feeling you will feel for the rest of your life.

Then life happens. All that changes. That smile turns to a frown. That happiness turns to sorrow. All those peaceful nights turn to tearful, long nights. You get hurt to a point that not only does your heart gets damaged but your mind and body too. You lose yourself. You bruise your soul and you lose a sense of sanity and reality. All that you believed in and trusted upon is now the reason you cannot even sleep with a sober mind because the pain will torture you and the memories will haunt you. You get hurt to a point that you change who you really are and become who you are told to be, just to avoid being hurt again.


I never thought it will happen to me…


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