#TakeWitsBack VS #FeesMustFall 

​So now theres a #TakeWitsBack trend that is not in support of #FeesMustFall. 
Look at it. Take Wits Back and it is started by white students. Remember Wits was only for white students? Now there’s a #TakeWitsBack trend on Twitter and believed it might over power #FeesMustFall .
Remember the VN that said blacks claimed that they will kill a white child? Obviously that VN will make people not support #FeesMustFall and go to #TakeWitsBack which will end up winning. Ain’t that a setup? VN came out a night before this newovement trended.
To those blacks who want to go to university and resume, they don’t need you there. They want their university and you still not supporting #FeesMustFall .
Anyway these are only my thoughts. No allegations or claims or ish. Just my observation from the whole thing.


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