Pain Changed Me

In most of my posts, I’m a victim and I post about how just I was, how fucked up my childhood was and how messed up it left it. I post about the struggles I went through, the heartbreak I faced and how those who hurt me ended up leaving me. That is a norm now. You all are used to it. When you see a post from me, you expect self pity and stuff.

This post is different though. In this one, I don’t write about how I have been just but rather how I hurt one person who could even climb the mountains to show me his love. One person who has to change his whole life just to be what i wanted him to be. This person left who he was before to be who I wanted to be now.

The saddest part is that instead of helping him with his change, I never applauded him but instead I demanded more. I wanted more than what was given, not realising that it is hurting him. I never encouraged him to take his time and be himself, I pushed him to do what i wanted for me. I turned out relationship to a meship, where only Musa matters and no one else. It sucks how we draw people in, tell them out expectations and when they try to meet them, we push them away.

It is so fucken sad


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