Accepting Fate

The hardest thing I had to do in my life was accept a part of me I wish never existed. I had to accept that I will always be judged, laughed at, made fun of, bullied and abused. I had to accept that as much as I would try to run away from it, it will catch up with me. The more you grow, the stronger it gets. The stronger it gets, the more pressured I felt to just give in, dive in and swim in this pool of life.

When you thought that was the only struggle you had, you grow up and be told you still have to accept another thing you don’t love or like, even. You are told it is in you and eventually, it will catch up with you and you will be forced to accept. You are told that the more you run away from it, the worse it gets. You love scared of living because you know that any day, you might wake up as something you were not yesterday.
I remember I wished for speciality but this was not the kind of special I wished for. This is not the life I hoped to lead and live and I was not prepared for another struggle. Life keeps giving me lemons and I don’t have the right ingeredients to make lemonade…


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