What Women Want

I have been very fortunate to be raised by a single mother. That experience makes you even value the female species. You don’t only respect them for their love for their own blood, but you get to see them on their weak, with tears on their faces. You see them hopeless and about to give up but they are always strong enough to get up again. They believe you have to fall for you to stand up firmer and stronger. You have to walk through darkness first for you to see light and appreciate the shine it gives.

Just like men, women are human too. As strong as they are, women need love too. It is sad to see how hurt and mistreated women are. The notion of men have needs to be fulfilled has led many to cheating and using that line in their defense. The society made it a norm for a man to leave his wife and enter the gates and house of another man and eat from the man’s garden. Women are expected to be the men of the house, while their men are in the wilderness. They are expected to be the heads of the house and be the daddy to the children because the fathers are gallivanting, while claiming they should be treated with respect and should be given their authority. Not knowing that that very same authority should be given to the real MEN of the house, which are the women.

Anyway, this post is about what many men ask: What do women want?

~ Now, a woman’s heart loves more than a man’s heart. It is not scientifically proven but usually proven by reality. A woman does not want a man that only claims to love them and never act on it. A woman wants a man that is always a step ahead. A man that will kiss her everyday, tell her she is beautiful and that he loves her. A woman wants a man that can walk through fire for her just to see a smile on her face.

~ A woman needs a protector. They need to have a sense of security when their men are around. They need to know nothing can happen to them because there’s someone who would risk their lives for them. Women are risk takers, they can take a bullet for their lovers and children. They expect you to be willing to do the same but if you care more about yourself than them, women don’t see you as a man strong enough to be a husband.

~ Women value love more than sex. Sure, sex strengthens the bond and all. It is a given that we all love sex but women do not put it as their first priority. If you always want sex more than you take them out or if you only call them when you need booty, then you just lost them. They may stay for a while, but eventually they will go out to find someone who will see them as women, not sex pests. So, more love is more sex, less love is no sex.

~ Finally, women do not love being a secret. Once you keep them as secret, meet them after hours and introduce them as friends, women see you as not serious about them. They feel like you don’t love them, you ashamed or you have someone you don’t want to know about them. They want to be your first priority, the first person you think about when you wake up. Women want to be the reason you smile and if that doesn’t happen, they feel like maybe someone is doping all that to you and that is not them.

There are lots of things women want but if I carry on, I might take days to finish this post. Hope you liked this one.

Taken from http://www.mjemagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/black-happy-couple.jpeg
Taken from http://www.mjemagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/black-happy-couple.jpeg

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