You Dont Give Up On Love

Usually we say we will never let go of people when we want them to give us a chance of dating them. We say we will always be there for them. We promise them nothing but happiness. You know when you see something from a distance, it is beautiful and pure. You see a gold and you see a flawless masterpiece. You tell yourself if you ever get it, you will never let it scratch and will keep it safe and sound. That is in our human nature I guess.

I have met people who claimed to always be there for me and will never give up on me. I would feel needed and loved. I would feel like atleast someone out there needs me. I love someone who shows me love, who is afraid of losing me and someone who rather burn bridges down than see me with someone else. I love someone who fights for the one they love. Someone who knows that if I break a promise, I make up for it. But I never never met that person before.

I now let go of people who claim to love me because I have been hurt so much that I dont believe that there is someone who will ever love me out there. I now punish myself for something I cannot change. I guess it is not all of us who are meant for love. But it sucks when you always give love but never get it in return.


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