Blacks: Identity Blind

This will be greatly known by historians but I will try to break it down for you.   Many, many decades ago, the Dutch (before being known as “Afrikaner”) were colonizing the African continent. They were in power and Dutch was the medium of instruction. They forced in even on blacks. Then came the whites,…

” #NoHomo ” is Homo!

Okay. Let’s look at the types we live in. We live in times where there’s prestige, better opportunities than before, shared wealth, Freedom, rights and all. We live in times where we not restricted to areas we can go to, times where all we choose to be is accepted. We live in diversity and unity….

Real Life VS Virtual Life

Nowadays it is not easy to distinguish one’s character from real life and virtual life. We live in a world where one has to have multiple lives for multiple social networks. It is not by force but by default. We lose sense of who we are. We start posting to please the audience we have….

Fuck Love

Isn’t it funny how we all crave for “love”? well, I quoted the word LOVE as it is an over used but merely shown kinda word. we throw it to everyone we meet and like. I mean, how can you see a stranger  today and confess love the following day? According to my understanding, love is not just looking and wanting, that…